Cash Game Rules

  1. All cash games will be started by a Supervisor. Each cash game will have a dealer.
  2. All cash will be exchanged for chips/plaques by a Supervisor or Cashier.
  3. Once a table is full, a reserve list will be held, and seats allocated in list order.
  4. Players may only have money "Playing Behind" if the supervisor is exchanging it.
  5. Upon being informed, a player has 10 minutes to take his seat before it is re-allocated.
  6. No weeding can take place.
  7. Playing over is allowed, so long as it is in strict reserve list order A play-over box will be issued to make sure that no weeding takes place.
  8. Players can move from table to table, so long as they have their name on the reserve list and it's their turn, or there is a seat available on the new table.
  9. An "Hourly Fee" or Rake will be charged. Hourly Charges will be paid for the upcoming hour, as and when a Supervisor asks. Rake will be taken on a per pot basis. Fees vary from table to table. The full schedule can be seen on the Card Room Notice Board.
  10. For all cash games except Dealers Choice, blinds will be off the button. For Dealers Choice they will be on the button.
  11. Only chips on the table at the start of a hand shall be in play for the pot, except for as follows: Chips that are in transit from the cashier, and that the table has been informed of prior to the hand starting.
  12. A player with chips may add additional chips of any amount to his stack between deals, providing he has not been all-in during the previous hand. If they have then they must buy-in for at least the minimum.
  13. A player with no chips, who requests a hand without specifying the amount being played, must play the minimum buy-in for that hand. Verbal declarations are binding.
  14. A player who was all-in the previous hand and lost can buy in once for less than the minimum amount.
  15. Chips on the table may be used to pay for incidentals. (Cigarettes, Tips, and fees)
  16. No player may loan any other player money with chips directly from the table.
  17. All chips must be visible, to all players, with the higher denomination chips clearly on display. A player also has the right to ask another player how much they have in play.
  18. Button position is determined by high card.
  19. A player may leave any game at any time. However, if they return to play the same game within 1 hour, they must sit down with the amount they left with, regardless of table limits.
  20. Straddles will be allowed in cash games from £1/£2 upwards. Straddles must be done in betting order and must be twice the big blind or previous straddle.