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Dusk Till Dawn Poker

Follow our live updates for the inaugural 1,000 buy-in Monte Carlo Event!



16 return at 2pm tomorrow to win, for one of them, the £89,000 first prize

Jonathan McCann out 17th
with 1 minute to play.....

A-Q 3 bet shove against William Dorey's A-K

Marc Foggin first hand at the table opens 10-10

Keith Johnson jams 17x bb A-J in the big blind

Marc calls and wins the race

Keith Johnson out 18th

Ben Martin
raises and William Dorey calls


Dorey check calls flop, turn and a shove on the river

With a flopped set of Aces

Martin mucks the moment he is called, a failed triple barrel bluff

Ben Martin out 19th

Terry Mitford
is out 20th

Queens into Jonathan McCann's Aces, 250,000 pot

Emyr Lewis
pushes for 77,000

He is the shortstack of the 20 left

Matt Russell in the big blind for 10,000 grimaces, an upper lip askew at the prospect of having to call

Calls with A-5

Lewis 10-7

J-8-10-9-J doubles Lewis up

We hit another break

Level 19 next, the last level of the night

20 left

432,000 average

blinds 5000-100000 ra 1000

Chip counts coming

Simon Hemsworth
out 21st

Mark Chantler raise called a short-stacked shove with J-J

Hemsworth A-6, no help

Colburn Tomlin
knocks out Dan Daley 22nd

Daley limp calls  Aspades 6h

Tomlin the raiser in the big blind

Ten high flop all spades, bet and call

Offsuit Jack, bet and call

6 on the river, Tomlin check calls a shove from the missed draw

Tomlin Q-Q

Tomlin and Chinese Frankie the chip leaders here!

Colburn Tomlin

Jake Cody calls in position


Tomlin leads, Cody sets him in






600,000 pot to Tomlin, Cody now 400,000

chinese frankie raises

Amir masood re-raises

frankie 4 bets

masood 5 bet shoves

Frankie Q-Q

Masood 8-8




Chinese Frankie goes over 950,000, clear chip leader

Amir Masood out 23rd

Mark Chantler raises to 20,000

William Dorey shoves 350,000

With  three clubs

Chantler calls  for a lot of his stack

board  three diamonds   to take Dorey to the chip lead and 730,000 of your tournament chips

Jerome Bradpiece raises

Paul Walters shoves

Jake Cody calls

Bradpice folds

Cody AQ v Walters AJ

Cody holds, Paul Walters out 24rh

chinese frankie raises ep to 16,000

Mark wates all in 170,000 on the button

frankie calls with 


  three diamonds

Mark Wates is runner runnered out 25th

Frankie vying for the chip lead with 700,000

Marc Foggin raises

Terry Plummer 3 bets

Michelle Bennett 4 bet shoves A-Q

Plummer calls for the extra with 6-6, holds on 4-9-7-7-J

Michelle Bennett out 26th

Tournament staying 8 handed, 8 handed final for stream....

0     3     Jake Cody 700,000
0     4     Iwan Jones 300,000
0     5     Dan Daley 140,000
0     6     Thomas Mccready 155,000
0     7     Jerome Bradpiece 550,000
0     8     Paul Walters 70,000

12     1     Terence Mitford 140,000
12     3     Paul Skipper 200,000
12     4     Jonathan Mccann 400,000
12     5     Mark Chantler 350,000
12     6     William Dorey 130,000
12     7     Keith Johnson 360,000
12     8     Simon Hemsworth 130,000

14     1     Mark Wates 120,000
14     2     Aamir Masood 250,000
14     3     Emyr Wyn Lewis 125,000
14     5     Jack Allen 500,000
14     6     Chin Chai Koh 600,000
14     7     Alex Goulder 535,000

26     2     Michelle Bennett 120,000
26     3     Matt Russell 220,000
26     4     Andrew Wayman 350,000
26     5     Colburn Tomlin 160,000
26     6     Marc Foggin 700,000
26     7     Terry Plummer 400,000
26     8     Ben Martin 300,000

blinds go 4000-8000 ra 500

Average 332,000

1     -     £89,213
2     -     £52,155
3     -     £31,293
4     -     £21,960
5     -     £16,470
6     -     £12,353
7     -     £9,608
8     -     £6,863
9     -     £5,490
10     -     £3,843
11     -     £3,843
12     -     £3,843
13     -     £3,843
14     -     £2,745
15     -     £2,745
16     -     £2,745
17     -     £2,745
18     -     £2,745
19     -     £1,500
20     -     £1,500
21     -     £1,500
22     -     £1,500
23     -     £1,500
24     -     £1,500
25     -     £1,500
26     -     £1,500
27     Todd Swain     £1,500

I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am. My favourite tournaments of the year, the Monte Carlos

Todd Swain
open shoves  Ahrt 7h

Alex Goulder finds 10-10 behind, calls, holds and knocks Todd out 27th

Just three minutes before the break and approaching 80 minutes into the bubble we have an exit

Anthony Nicholls open shoves  three clubs on the button

Jake Cody  in the small blind calls

the flop is intriguing    two spades

the turn gives Nicholls club outs 

river  and we lose Anthony Nicholls in 28th

The 27 remaining competitors now guaranteed £1,500

are Paul Walters, Anthony Nicholls, Tom McCready each on 60-80k at 2500-5000, all on the feature with Jake Cody and 800,000, on the bubble

David La Ronde
min raises

Jack Allen and Frankie call in the blinds

 Jd 2c Tc

checked to La Ronde who shoves, an overbet, 180,000

Allen folds Q-J off

Frankie then goes into a touch of the Larry Graysons

"Oooh I can't fold. Oh no. I must play to win the tournamnet. Oh no."

He calls, a really big one for him

Palpable tension as a crowded rail of DTD regs lean over from the second tier

with  Jc 8c

La Ronde  Ac 5c


turn and river brick for clubs

Frankie goes over 400,000

David La Ronde out 29th

Frankie gets a huge roar

He shakes hands with David, played in fantastic spirit and then rushes over to the other rail by the front door and gives a startled Terry Plummer an enormous kiss on the cheek and a hug

Terry's lucky day

Two exits means we are 29 left, 27 paid

Nathan Lee had got very short by the time he shoved with A-K

Matt Russell called with K-J and flopped a Jack

Alan Stearn shoves K-Q, Iwan Jones finds A-K

Q on the flop, A turn, A river

Andrew Wayman
opens to 11,000

Alex Goulder 23,000 in the cut off

Ryan Spittles playing 120,000 on the button, all in with A-Q

Wayman tank calls J-J, Goulder folds

Jacks win the races and Spittles out 33rd

Chinese Frankie and Neil Giblin
get it all in pre flop blind on blind

Cooler, K-K v J-J in a 250,000 pot.

Kings hold, Jakally sadly down to the felt

Iwan Jones raises

Keith Johnson calls in the big blind

4-6-10, check-call


check, bet, raise, all in and call

Jones 8-6

Johnson 5-7

Johnson doubles to over 300,000

Break after 15 levels

2500-5000 ra 500 next

average 245,000

35 left 27 paid

Approx chip counts

0     1     Anthony Nicholls 200,000
0     2     Alan Stearn 210,000
0     3     Jake Cody 750,000
0     5     Dan Daley 280,000
0     6     Sam Macdonald 100,000
0     7     Jerome Bradpiece 450,000
0     8     Paul Walters 200,000

11     1     Thomas Mccready 60,000
11     2     Andrew Wayman 350,000
11     3     Keith Johnson 120,000
11     4     Alex Goulder 220,000
11     5     Ryan Spittles 160,000
11     6     Iwan Jones 200,000
11     8     Emyr Wyn Lewis 120,000

12     1     Terence Mitford 130,000
12     2     Marc Foggin 180,000
12     3     Paul Skipper 200,000
12     4     Jonathan Mccann 450,000
12     5     Mark Chantler 400,000
12     6     William Dorey 150,000
12     8     Simon Hemsworth 220,000

14     1     Mark Wates 110,000
14     2     Aamir Masood 150,000
14     4     Todd Swain 100,000
14     5     Jack Allen 440,000
14     6     Chin Chai Koh 160,000
14     7     Neil Giblin 130,000
14     8     David La Ronde 160,000

Jerome Bradpiece
9,000 UTG

Jake Cody 25,000 on the button

Marcin Milde 200,000 allin small blind with QQ

Bradpiece calls with Aces, holds, knocks out Milde

Bradpiece 450,000

Simon Deadman 8,000 UTG playing 130,000

Ali mallu all in UTG+1 playing 110,000

Andrew Wayman all in UTG+2 playing 119,000

Back to Deadman he calls off with  Ahrt Kc

Mallu  3d 3h

Wayman  Ahrt Ad

 6d 4d 9s 9h Ks

Wayman trebles up to nearly 400,000 knocking out Mallu and felting Deadman

Ali Mallu
raises  in the cut off and Iwan Jones calls  in the big blind

The flop is a tantalising 

Two stacks go in, 180,000 chip pot with Iwan at risk

His flopped set holds to double him up

Ben Martin doubles through Colburn Tomlin

Tomlin raises 2-2 in the cut off

Ben calls 7-7 in the big blind

flop 2-7-x

Goodbye most of Colburn's stack


42 left, 27 paid

just coming to level 15 which is 2000-4000 ra 400

Average is 205,700

Jake Cody opens UTG

Alan Stearn calls in the big blind


check, Cody 7,000

Stearn check raises to 30,000

Cody flats. With  (some leeway on the suits, I can't get close enough)


Stearn 50,000

Cody 120,000

Stearn all in 450,000


Stearn  (again, half a guess on the suits)

Cody's set over set takes him to 800,000 and 10% of the chips in play with 45 left

Aamir Masood knocks out Steve Watts

Masood opens UTG

Watts and the bb flat


La Ronde in the big blind checks

masood 9,000

Watts all in 40,000





Paul Skipper knocks out Jeff Kimber

Skipper raises, Kimber shoves A-Q in the big blind and is called by K-K which holds


Terry Plummer knocks out Mark Wates A-Q raise and call a shove from K-J

J-Q-9-8-Q seals the deal

Tom McCready shoves 50,000

Ben Martin in the big blind calls

Tom 10-10

Ben A-Q

8-9-2-7 giving Tom a sweat as Ben has four to the flush

river offsuit 2

Tom 100,000+

Simon Hemsworth doubles through Paul SKipper in a 200,000 pot

A-K v A-Q on A-4-2


Jakally raises the cut off

Ryan Spittles 3 bets the small blind to 15,500

Nathan Lee cold calls in the big blind

Jakally folds


Spittles leads for 17,000, Lee calls

turn  check check

river  three diamonds

Spittles bets 31,000 with 

Lee flat calls with 

The remaining 51 players are now on an hour's dinner break after 3 levels today

exits are

52     Julian Thew
53     Peter Mitchell
54     John Conroy
55     Simon Hyde
56     Ben Dobson
57     James Mitchell
58     Richard Blacklock
59     Neil Channing
60     James Moult
61     Fraser Bellamy
62     Mark Mccluskey
63     Andrew Hulme
64     Richard Horton
65     Tom Kugelstadt

When we resume blinds are 1500-3000 ra 300

Average is 169,000


William Dorey from Brighton, pictured below, opens in the cut off

Julian Thew flats on the button

flop 2-K-9

Dorey leads, Thew raises, Dorey calls

turn 3

Dorey check calls

river Q

Dorey checks, Thew shoves

Dorey calls with K-9 and is good, knocking Julian out

Dorey new chip leader 350,000

Terry Plummer knocks out Neil Channing

I didn't see the hand, but am told that Terry opened UTG

Neil shoves the button 90,000 with K-6

Terry calls A-K

Neil turns a flush, Plummer rivers a house.

New chip leader alert

Ali Mallu opens to 5,600

Sam MacDonald flats

 Jd 6s Ad

Mallu checks, Sam 4,400...called


Mallu checks, Sam 9,200...called


Mallu shoves 130,000 into 40,000

Sam has  Ac Jc. All of his stack to call

He calls

Mallu "You have me, I missed"

MacDonald up over 300,000

Chip leaders

59 left, 27 paid


Average 146,000

Alex Goulder 300,000
Anthony Nicholls 267,000
Jonathan McCann 250,000
Marcin Milde 250,000
Sam MacDonald 240,000
Marc Foggin 235,000
Jack Allen 230,000
Simon Deadman 225,000
Jake Cody 217,000

Marc Foggin knocks out Fraser Bellamy

Bellamy opened from a 36,000 stack

Foggin 3 bets A-Q

Bellamy flats for 14,000

Bellamy open jams K-3-4 rainbow with 6-7

Foggin calls and holds

Chinese Frankie doubles through David La Ronde

La Ronde 8-8 opens and calls the shove from A-K

Ace on the river

cambridgealex on 250,000 despite losing a 90,00 pot to double up Nathan Lee

Lee limp opened 10-9hh UTG

Two callers

Alex completes 10-7 in the small blind

flop 10-8-2 is checked round

turn 10, puttin two flush draws on the board

Alex Leads, Lee shoves and Alex calls to double Lee up

Colburn Tomlin knocks out Richard Horton

blind on blind Tomlin, who hits more flops than most has  Jc 4c on  Tc 9c Qc

Horton in the big blind has  Kc 7d

Tomlin leads, comparatively short stacked Horton shoves

The flopped flush holds

Break after two levels today

68 left, having lost 36 today

exits are

69    Steven Brennan
70    Jamie O Connor
71    Willie Tann
72    Peter Evans
73    Andrew Johnson
74    Guy Barron
75    Mark Hawkins
76    Maria Demetriou
77    Lee Taylor
78    Lars Torngren
79    Keir Ratcliff
80    Andrew Tuxworth
81    Michael Ellis
82    David Orrin
83    Michael Comer
84    Lewis Hunter
85    James Brady
86    Keith Hawkins
87    John Picken

blinds now 1200-2400 ra 200

Average is 130,000

Terry Mitford busts Mark McCluskey

6-Q-Q flop

turn 10

river 3

A-Q for Mark

10-10 for Terry

All the money in on the river

Sam Macdonald wins a big pot off Ronnie Ifzail

Sam raises pre UTG+1

Ifzail calls in the big blind

A-Q-6 rainbow

Ifzail check calls

4 turn

check check

2 river

Ifzail check calls 30,000 into a 50,000 pot and MacDonald shows A-2

Maria Demetriou on the button with JJ

Andrew Hulme and Colin Marks in the blinds with A-K

Maria covers the two shorter stacks, just and all the stacks are in the middle pre-flop

Ace on the turn means Hulme and Marks split the pot leaving Maria virtually out

Colburn Tomlin raises in the small blind, Willie Tann in the big blind calls

Equal enough stacks, probably 80,000 each

flop   Tc 9c  5c

Tomlin makes a huge call with  Th 3h

Tann has the draw-tastic  Qc Jc

turn  8h

river  6d

and Tomlin felts Tann

Matt Russell knocks out Jose Pena and goes over 240,000

Pena 3,500 on the button

Matt 3 bet the blind

Pena wants to shove A-J for over 100,000

Matt accomodates him with A-K

K-J-5 flop


A monster hand involving Danny Laming

Jack Allen opens to 3,500

Laming 3 bet 8,800

Allen 4 bet 15,500

Laming 5 bet 24,500

Allen 6 bet 50,000

Laming 7 bet shove for about 80,000 more


Allen K-K

Laming Q-Q

Raggy board, Allen knocks out Laming and must be near the chip lead at 300,000


Amongst the early exits

Michelle Bennett knocks out Stephen Lockett. Lockett shoved his short-stack UTG with Q-5. Michelle looked him up with K-J on the button and rivered a house

Marc Foggin button raises, Ian Woodley 3 bet shoves the big blind.

Foggin makes a good call with A-9, ahead of K-Q, flops an Ace and knocks Woodley out


Welcome back, as we kick of Day 2 at 12pm. We will be bringing you live updates all day, as well as video streaming with a 30 minute delay all day, showing all players hole cards.

We have 104 players remaining, with £89,000 for 1st prize, and it paying the top 27 players. 

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