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Ceri Rees wins a life changing amount of money for €4!
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Dusk Till Dawn Poker

Ceri wins £86,206 thanks to the new ‘No Deals’ policy

At last months £150K guaranteed 500 Deepstack, Rob Yong announced that March’s event will come with an incredible £250K guarantee! News quickly spread across the cardroom and at the time, many people thought this was a little optimistic; could Dusk Till Dawn increase the field from 292 to 500 entries in just one month?

Dusk Till Dawn satellites are proving more and more popular each month. A total of 158 players qualified through online and live satellites. A further 342 direct buy in’s were needed across the 2 day 1’s to meet the guarantee.

The event got off a slow start on Day 1a as 143 entries took to the field, of which only 25 took the option to re-enter back into day 1a. Dusk Till Dawn saw 43 players advance to Day 2 with Matthew Moss and Tom Middleton taking the chip lead, both on around 245K.

A staggering 357 entries were needed on Day 1b in order to reach the guarantee. At 2pm the tournament started with 207 entries taking their seats. The crowds soon came flooding in bringing many familiar faces including Sam Trickett, Roberto Romanello and of course Devilfish, who had just finished 2nd in a special ‘Bust the Devilfish’ STT. James Dempsey and Jake Cody got there with 10 minutes to spare and by the end of day 1b a total of 397 unique entries had filled the cardroom and an astonishing 78 players had grabbed the opportunity to re-enter and play for the record breaking £321,500 prize pool for the £500 buy in event.

Of the 643 total entries 188 returned for day 2, with run away chip leader Jimmy Hunter on 390k. The top 63 places would be paid.

It was a long grind as they approached the bubble, but eventually all players were guaranteed £750 for their efforts and Neil Giblin was unfortunate on the bubble – shoving with 66, called by the JJ of CT Law and was unable to find any help.

Devilfish joined the action all weekend and commentated on the live streaming of the 500 Deepstack Final Table, although he almost made the final 8 himself but eventually finishing in 14th for £2,652.


The final 8 players included Ceri Rees making incredible back to back finals in the 500 Deepstack. Ceri was involved in a 4 way deal in February however the new ‘No Deals’ policy would ensure an outright winner established and the full £86,200 would be claimed. Tommy Bingham who reached the final in the recent 150 Deepstack was also in the running. Simon Trumper announced at the final table that clocks were being rolled back so the average stack was 50 big blinds, giving players plenty of play.

As the field narrowed it was in fact those two players, Tommy Bingham and Ceri Rees who were Heads Up. At 5:30am on Monday morning the tournament eventually came to an end, Bingham got his short stack in with AJ, called by the A9 of Rees as a 9 on the river meant Ceri was victorious for over £86,000, as Bingham collected £50,397.


Dusk Till Dawn are over the moon for Ceri. He is one of their regular online players and has not missed a Deepstack weekend since August 2011, qualifying online every month without fail. They caught up with Ceri after the event to find out exactly how much his £86,000 win had cost him online to qualify. Astonishingly, he revealed that after feeding his way from the €4 Mini Feed into the €20 Feeder, Ceri won his entry into the 9pm MEGA SAT for just €4 where there were 10 seats to be won.

They were also interested to hear his views on the No Deals policy which came into effect on 1st March, as Ceri was involved in a 4 way deal a month earlier receiving £19,000 for 4th place in the same tournament.

“I think the no deals policy is great! When it was first mentioned, I didn't think that it was a good idea, and that it was the player’s money and they should be allowed to deal if they wanted. But I have definitely changed my mind. It is a fantastic feeling knowing that I have won a tournament outright, and the money is pretty good too!”

Finally they asked Ceri what he will spend his winnings on. “My wife is going to university to do a masters degree, so I can pay the fees. I also want to make sure my kids are secure and we have a holiday, and I'm sure my wife will spend the rest!”

Ceri has confirmed that he will be returning for the next 500 Deepstack which will be held the first weekend in May, and has already won his seat online for the Poker 770 main event this week! The question is will he continue to use his online FPPs to pay for his hotel rooms?

For details on all Dusk Till Dawn satellites, and the chance to join Ceri as an online champion Click Here >


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Posted on Wed, 7th March 2012 by Nicola