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NEWSFLASH: All 20 handed STT winners win a Caribbean Golden Chip!!!


All 20 handed STT CHIPLEADER winners NOW win a Caribbean Golden Chip on top of their 20,000 chips for the CHIPLEADER Live Final. The last Golden Chip standing in the live final will automatically win a £6K Dusk Till Dawn Caribbean Package to join us in St Kitts in November as we celebrate our 5th Birthday. This is instant qualification for the live final on Saturday 16th June.

Players MUST win a 20 handed STT (winners of all other STT's & MTT's will NOT win a Golden Chip but will still win their chips as normal for the live final). All previous 20 handed STT winners have automatically won a Golden Chip and will be contacted to congratulate.


Dusk Till Dawn are proud to introduce a fantastic new concept to online poker. CHIPLEADER is a unique satellite programme which allows you to build your starting stack for the main event, by winning multiple online CHIPLEADER satellites. Each online CHIPLEADER satellite will produce only 1 winner, and that winner will be added to the CHIPLEADER leaderboard along with their chip count from that particular satellite.

Once you have joined the leaderboard you can continue to play our CHIPLEADER satellites and build up your chips which will accumulate over the 12 weeks and become your starting stack at the main event in June. The minimum starting stack for the event is 15,000 chips therefore you must accumulate at least 15,000 to qualify. The higher the number of entries per CHIPLEADER satellite, the more chips you will win.


Check out our CHIPLEADER Leaderboard to find your CHIPLEADER ranking, find out who’s CHIPLEADER and check out the average stack and current prize pool.

To view the leaderboard Click Here >



  • To qualify to play in the Dusk Till Dawn €100K Guaranteed tournament you must accumulate 15,000 chips, by winning chips in our online CHIPLEADER €5 + €0.50 tournaments or €5 + €0.50 STT’s
  • Online CHIPLEADER tournaments run 24/7 and STT’s are available as soon as a table is filled
  • The WINNER of each online tournament is credited with all the chips in play, each player starts with 1000 chips, so 15 entries would mean 15,000 chips for the winner and you have qualified!
  • Winners of ALL 20 handed STT's will win a Caribbean Golden Chip on top of their 20,000 chips and the last Golden Chip standing in the live final will win a £6K Caribbean Package.
  • STT’s are fixed at 5, 10 or 20 entries each starting with 1000 chips, so each 5 handed STT is worth 5,000 chips to the winner, 10 handed are worth 10,000 chips, and 20 handed are worth 20,000 chips to the winner
  • You can play a combination of MTT’s and STT’s to qualify, and all winning chips will counts towards your accumulated total
  • Once you reach your minimum qualification of 15,000 chips we will contact you to let you know you have qualified
  • You can continue to win MORE chips towards your starting stack right up until the day before the €100K Guaranteed CHIPLEADER tournament, Friday 15th June
  • There is no maximum starting stack, win as many chips as you can, that’s what the CHIPLEADER concept is about!
  • CHIPLEADER tournament seats are non transferable and non refundable so all chips will be in play at the event
  • There is a cap of 333 spaces, therefore once 333 players have hit 15,000 chips no new players will be able to play the CHIPLEADER satellites. All chip stacks less than 15,000 will become invalid and those players will not qualify for the main event.

This satellite tree shows the 4 ways you can qualify for our CHIPLEADER Live Tournament but remember you must have a minimum of 15,000 chips to qualify. All qualifiers will receive email confirmation once they hit 15,000 chips and will appear on our CHIPLEADER leaderboard on the website and plasma screens at Dusk Till Dawn.



Held Live at Dusk Till Dawn

Day 1: Saturday 16th June 2.30pm Start

Day 2: Sunday 17th June 2.30pm Start

Chips: Carried through from CHIPLEADER leaderboard (15,000 minimum)

Cap: 333 runners



  • When your turn up to the live tournament, you will be given your starting stack i.e. the number of chips that you have won online
  • The blind structure will start at 300 big blinds for the average starting stack, so if the average is 30,000, the tournament will start at 50-100
  • The tournament will use our monthly Deepstack Structure
  • The main event prize pool will be generated from the cash prize from each CHIPLEADER satellite and is guaranteed at €100,000
  • The final table will be streamed on our web site www.dusktilldawnpokerclub.com

CHIPLEADER satellites are available in the lobby now. If you have any questions please email Nicola@dusktilldawnpoker.com.


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Posted on Fri, 8th June 2012 by Nicola