The Dusk Till Dawn RE-ENTRY system allows players that have been knocked out of the tournament to buy back in for the same price, and take another shot at the prize pool, adding to it as they do so.

Different to a rebuy, re-entry players enter as if they were a new player entering the tournament; a new seat and a new set of chips. There is no chip penalty for players that choose to RE-ENTER. The different types of re-entry are detailed below:


Re-Entry is available back into the same Day 1 but only once per Day 1.

Re-Entry is available into all future Day 1’s with no restriction on the number of Day 1’s entered.

Players who make Day 2 will forfeit their stack if they re-enter a future Day 1. If you make Day 2 but feel that your chip stack is too small, you still have the option to re-enter into any future Day 1’s and forfeit this chipstack, however if you don’t make Day 2 again the first chip stack is lost and cannot be retrieved.

For special tournaments such as the Grand Prix different re-entry rules may apply. Please see the specific event page for full details or email

Stack Foreit

For tournaments that allow re-entry into the same day (+ 1 RE) players can forfeit their chip stack and re-enter but ONLY at the end of the late reg period and ONLY if their stack is less that the original starting stack

For tournaments that allow re-entry into a future day 1 (+ 1 RE next day 1) players can forfeit their chip stack and re-enter the next day 1 regardless of their chip stack. Should a player re-enter a future day 1, all previous chip stacks will be automatically forfeited