Shot Clock

To speed up the action we have introduced a timer to all players for any time the action is on them for 20 seconds. This will be enforced by dealers who can track the time based on the tournament clock


We are aware that at some point players will have a big decision to make, for this each player will receive a ‘Time Extension Card’, this card can be given up in return of an addition minute to their time.

Each finalist will receive a second time extension card regardless of whether they have used their first one.

This should greatly improve the speed and flow of the tournament.

Simply Put…

Players now have 20 seconds to make an action, However should a player wish to take more time, they can use their extension card (+1 minute) when they deem necessary.

Once the player has used their time extension, they will be limited to 20 seconds.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any manager or turbo TD, if you are unsure on anything