Best Hands of the week

with Royal Flush Jackpot

(NLH Cash Games Only)

The 5 best Texas Hold’em cash game hands each week will win a cash prize. The size of the prizes will be determined by the amount of games each week. The more games there are the more you can win. To qualify players must use both hole cards for the best hand possible.

Best hands of the week (Monday to Sunday)

% prizepool
Expected price
1st 30% Guaranteed £1000 (DTD will top up if necessary)
2nd 25% Estimated £750
3rd 20% Estimated £600
4th 15% Estimated £450
5th 10% Estimated £300

Royal Flush Jackpot

This will increase £100 every night. When someone makes a Royal Flush they instantly win one of the following prizes:

  • Player’s lowest hole card King – 80% of the Jackpot pot
  • Player’s lowest hole card Queen – 60% of the Jackpot pot
  • Player’s lowest hole card Jack – 40% of the Jackpot pot
  • Player’s lowest hole card Ten – 20% of the Jackpot pot

The remaining balance will be used to seed the next Jackpot, which will continue to grow by £100 per day.

How do I win?

Simply have one of the best hands of the week using both your hole cards by the end of the week. Minimum requirement is Quads.

Can I win more than once?

Yes you can, theoretically you could win all five prizes each week, should you be lucky enough.

I made a Royal Flush, do I win first prize too?

Yes. No one will be able to make a better hand than you this week. If someone else makes a royal flush, you would divide 1st and 2nd prize between you equally.

I made a royal flush, why not pay me now?

You will get the Jackpot prize that night, however we won’t know what your other prize will be until the end of the week and we have collated all of the prize fund.

What if two people make the same best hand?

Then the prizes will be split evenly. For instance two people make a Queen high straight flush and that is the best hand of the week they will receive half of the first and second prizes each. The next best hand will get third prize. In the event of multiple people make the fifth best hand the prize will be evenly spread between the winners.

What if two people make a Royal flush in the same week?

Both players will share the weekly prizes. The Royal flush jackpot pays out instantly so each player with receive the relevant share of the pot at the time of the win. As no one can win 100% of the pot there will always be prizes for subsequent Royal Flushes.

What if no one qualifies?

In the unlikely event that five people don’t make quads or better the remaining prize money will roll over and be added to the following week’s prize pool.

Does the hand need to go to showdown?

No, the hand does not need to go to show down, but you must turn it over so our floor staff can verify it. We cannot take your word for it. The floor staff must see the hand and verify it. This is the players responsibility, so make sure the dealer calls over the floor before the hand is mucked.

I have a big hand, what do I do?

Check the screen, is it one of the best hands so far this week? If so, alert the dealer and they will call the floor to verify it.

What has happened to the previous High Hand promotion

This replaces the previous high hand promotion. If any money is remaining from the previous high hand promotion it will be used towards seeding the Royal Flush Jackpot.

What if I make quads or better?

Congratulations, you are in good shape to win one of the prizes, however you are not guaranteed to win anything just yet, someone could still get a better hand.

I want to go home, do I need to be at the club to claim my prize?

No, if you leave the premises we will hold onto you winnings until you next visit the club. We will try to contact winners of unclaimed prizes, so make sure we have the correct details on record.

I think I won the other night, how do I check?

Winners will be announced at the end of the week. Winners will appear on a screen. You can always ask the Cash Game desk, they will have a list of unclaimed prizes.

How is this promo funded?

£1 will be collected from every pot above £20 on £1/1 games and £40 on 1/2 games and above. This will not cover the entire cost of the promotion so Dusk Till Dawn will add the rest.

How is the Royal Flush Jackpot funded?

Dusk till dawn will add the £100 each day.

Do DTD Make any deductions?

No! All money collected throughout each week will be paid out to the winners.


Current Royal Flush Jackpot:

(Last updated: September 21, 2017)



Terms and Conditions:

  • This will be an ongoing promotion until highlighted otherwise, at Dusk Till Dawn’s discretion
  • The Best hands of the week and Royal Flush Bonus are for Texas Hold-em cash games only.
  • The best 5 hands before close of play Sunday night will win.
  • Close of play Sunday will be deemed as closing of the club on Monday AM
  • Minimum Requirement is Quad 2’s
  • a member of the floor staff must verify the hand
  • It is the players responsibility to make sure the floor is called to verify the hand
  • hands cannot be retrieved from the muck to recreate a hand. Once folded the hand will no longer qualify
  • In the event of no winner the prize will roll over and be added to the following nights prize
  • Player must use both hold cards
  • A minimum of four players must be dealt in the hand
  • £1 towards the promotion will be deducted from every pot above £20 on £1/1 games and £40 on 1/2 and above. A pot must meet these thresholds in order for the hand to qualify.
  • Any hand not contributing to the promotion will not be eligible to win
  • winners will be announced at the start of business each Monday
  • Players do not need to be present when the winners are announced
  • Winnings must be collected in person from the club within 12 months. DTD will make reasonable efforts to contact the players.
  • In the event of a tie the prize will be split evenly amongst the winners
  • Dusk till Dawn will retain no part of any funds collected towards the promotion
  • Any shortfall for prizes will be added by Dusk Till dawn on a monthly basis
  • Any funds collected above the prize payouts will be used for future promotions, and not retained by Dusk Till Dawn
  • Promotion applies to Texas Hold’em cash games only
  • In order to take part in any Cash Game promotion players must have a valid full membership (not on a day pass) and have photographic ID on Dusk Till Dawn system.
  • Prizes will be rounded down to the nearest £. Any monies left over will roll over into the following weeks pool
  • Prizes won are final. No substitution or transfer of prizes permitted unless otherwise stated.
  • Decisions of the Cash Game Supervisor are final and without recourse.
  • By participating in the Dusk Till Dawn promotion, winners consent to the use of their names and photographs for promotional purposes without additional compensation.
  • Dusk till Dawn reserve the right to alter this promotion at any time.