It’s Friday night, 8.30pm, and the Dusk Till Dawn cash game area is alive with activity.

Jon ‘Skalie’ Kalmar pops his head out of Trickett’s Room to check on the activity in the main cash game area, before heading back inside to make sure that the £10/£25 PLO game is running smoothly.

Ryan Brodsky is using all of his 8 years Dusk Till Dawn experience to navigate through the different needs & requests of the players in the £1/£2 Holdem game & the £2/£2 PLO table. Poker players can be a fickle & emotional species, but Ryan has learnt that if you get them happy & comfortable, & it can be 5am before they realise the time, & reluctantly break the game & head off home.

Dusk Till Dawn is well known for it’s headline grabbing tournaments & guarantees, but the cash games are a vibrant part of each day, & regularly attract players from Manchester, Hull, Birmingham, Leeds & even further afield.

The main floor area hosts games from £1/£1, where the minimum sit down is £50, up to £1/£2/£4 NLHE where players can start with up to £1500. PLO (Pot Limit Omaha) is increasing popular with players, especially since PLO tournaments have become a regular part of the schedule. Every night there is at least one game at £1/£1 or £2/£2 with multiple games at weekends.

Less experienced players who would like to try their hand at cash can request a £0.50/£0.50 game, & we will get one set up.

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