Despite some of our regular players enjoying the sunnier climes of the Dominican Republic, last Wednesday’s live streamed  cash game had some of the most entertaining poker hands we have ever had . The line up was seat 1 Konrad an online player from Poland , seat 2 Rehan who travelled all the way from Karachi Pakistan to be with us,seat 3 Simon Higgins from Scunthorpe a high stakes player, seat 4 Jamie Le a family man from Birmingham, seat 5 James Baker a Nottingham University student, seat 6 Joe Tully an Omaha specialist from Lincoln, seat 7 Nathan a master chip builder from Sheffield,  and seat 8 Shaun Walsh an Aston Villa supporter and fearless player.

Simon Higgins was the commentary team’s player of the match. His aggressive style, & huge over bet bluffs made Simon a great player to watch (see a great hand of Simons at 1.26).

The hand of the night which sent the YouTube chatbox crazy, involved Adam Hilton (a late entry to the stream after James hit the felt) who made a  beautiful bluff against Shaun Walsh . With the button game in play, & £130 on there,  Hilton with 9d6s raises to £125 Shaun calls with Ac8c. We see a flop of Ad5dAh. Hilton bets £80 Shaun calls. The turn is the 7d & Hilton continues to take the lead, with £225, Shaun again calls. The river brings 6h Hilton goes all in for £704 & Shaun folds.

You can see this hand and the rest of the stream here

This Wednesday (29th November) cash game stream is a £1-£2-£4 NLH with £5 button game .

It features some of the most popular characters from the Dusk Till Dawn cash game scene – Stephen Ayres ,Ben Shannon , Adam Hilton , James Clarke, Mohsin Ali , Jordan Ruff, Carl Shaw, and Ben Jackson. The commentary team will be regular announcer Matt Harris and popular Stu Rutter, who will be making his first appearance in the booth.

Please get in touch with Stuart Fox to play in any of these stream games .

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