This week we launched the PLO and Mixed games at DTD Facebook page!

This group was designed to serve a number of purposes:

1 – Help improve the advertising of DTD tournaments in games outside of Texas Hold Em.

2 – Help us provide tournaments that fit the requests of players in these games, so we can discuss game, buyin, structure & format etc.

3 – Discuss methods to build events around new games that could potentially be introduced.

4 – Advertise cash games outside of hold em whenever they start.

5 – Advertise Cash Game promos that benefit Plo players.

6 – Advertise invitational PLO and DC Cash Games in advance. Any of you can get involved in these games and we will provide contact details for Stuart Fox or Jon Kalmar so that you can privately request seats in any games.
These can be anything from 2/2 to 10/20.

We also hope to start introducing more games at smaller stakes so will try and arrange these via this group on a daily basis.

If you would like to check out this new Facebook page you can do so by clicking here.

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