Win up to £25,000

October 9th – November 30th

Cash games are about to get even better at DTD with the lauch of Spin Your Cards Right + Envy Bonus. To qualify for this promotion you simply need to make quads or better in a Texas Hold’em Cash Game. You must have either a pocket pair and make quads or use both hole cards to make the best possible straight flush. If you make a Royal Flush then things will get really exciting as all prizes will be multiplied by 10, meaning you could win up to £25,000!

If you make quads, or better you get to spin the party wheel; the wheel is divided up in to red and black sections, all of which also have playing cards of different values on them. So first before spinning the wheel you must first choose RED or BLACK, if you are correct then you win £20, easy! But now you get the opportunity to gamble for more money by choosing a higher or lower valued card than the one which you are currently on. You can continue to gamble until you win the top prize or you decide to quit.

Once you have 5 correct spins in the bag then things will really heat up! From your 6th spin onwards all the players at your table will win an Envy Bonus equivalent to 10% of what you win. But be careful because if you lose, so does everyone else.

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