From Friday 7th to Sunday 9th December, the focus will be on Cash Games at Dusk Till Dawn, with the Cash Game Weekend. The Golden Seat Promotion will award a minimum of £200 each hour, & a Jackpot of £2,000, which will be won at least once over the weekend. There will also be free buffets available over the weekend, as well as the usual, excellent Dusk Till Dawn hospitality & service. Cash games will start as follows: Friday 7th from 6pm, Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th from 3pm.
Golden Seat Promotion
All players seated at a cash game at the time of the Golden Seat Draw are entered. The random draw winner will get the Hourly Prize, plus the chance to win The Jackpot, with a spin of the partypokerLIVE Wheel. Hit the jackpot section & their prize increases to £2,000. Hit one slot either side & their hourly prize is doubled. The seat draws will be held every hour and the Hourly Prize will be from £200 up to £400 as follows: Friday 7th from 7pm to midnight £200, 1am and 2am £400, 3am and 4am £200. Saturday and Sunday from 4pm to midnight £200, 1am and 2am £400, 3am and 4am £200.

Cash Game Weekend Golden Seat Promotion – Terms & Conditions
  • This promotion applies to the tournament ‘Golden Seat Promotion’ from 7th to 9th December only.
  • Draw times will be published on the Dusk Till Dawn website & at the Cash Game Desk.
  • A draw will only take place if at least one cash game is in play at the time of the draw.
  • The draw will include all players who are seated in a cash game at the published time of the draw. If a player hasn’t played for the 20 minutes prior to the draw time, they will not be included.
  • The draw will be made randomly using a method selected by the Cash Game Supervisor.
  • The draw will be made in a way that players can view the draw being made, & the draw will be announced to the cash game players prior to being made.
  • The winner will be announced, in addition to the prize won.
  • Any contest to the winner or the prize to be made at the time of the draw, or as soon as is practically possible afterwards.
  • The winner will get the opportunity to spin the partypokerLIVE wheel with a chance to increase their prize.
  • The player can only spin the wheel when requested by the Cash Game Supervisor or alternative appointed DTD representative.
  • The wheel must complete at least 3 revolutions to constitute a valid spin. If the wheel makes less than 3 revolutions the spin is not valid, & the wheel must be re-spun.
  • The pointer at the top of the wheel will point to one of the following sections when the spin is complete :
    • Jackpot section (slim orange section). If the pointer lands on this section, the player wins The Jackpot, & the player’s prize increases to a total of £2,000.
    • One pin either side of jackpot section. If the pointer lands on this section, the player’s hourly prize doubles. (‘Double Prize’).
    • Any other sections. If the pointer lands on any other section, the player’s prize does not increase.
  • All prizes to be paid in cash at the cash desk.
  • If the jackpot hasn’t been won by the time of last draw, a random draw will be made from all of the Hourly Prize winners, & the player selected will get £2,000. This will be the Jackpot Draw.
  • The Jackpot Draw will be announced to the players, & made in a way that players can observe the draw.
  • If the Jackpot is won at least once over the Cash Game Weekend, there will be no Jackpot Draw.
  • Any player who seeks to, or is seen to, abuse the nature of this promotion, will be eliminated from this promotion.
  • The hourly prize, & ‘Double Prize’ will be funded by the bad beat rake taken from cash games over the Cash Game Weekend, or from the pre-existing cash game bad beat rake fund.
  • The Jackpot prize will be funded by funds added by Dusk Till Dawn.
  • Errors & omissions excepted
  • Management reserve the right to remove, alter or amend this promotion at any time.
  • Management decision is final.