£250 Nightly Prize

Minimum Requirement: Quad Aces


Does the hand need to go to showdown?
No. If you have a hand that you think qualifies, turn it over when the hand has finished for the dealer and the floor to verify.

What if two people make the same best hand?
In the event of 2 or more players making the same best hand the prize will be split amongst those players

Do I need to use both hole cards?
Well, yeah!! This is Omaha 🙂 … You must use two cards in your hand and three on the board.

I had a straight flush before but didn’t want to show it, can I still win?
Well we might trust you and are sure you wouldn’t tell us any fibs. However, for the integrity of the promotion you must turn over and show the hand to the table. Ask the dealer to call the floor to verify the hand. It is the player’s responsibility to get the hand verified, not the dealer’s.

How will the prizes be funded? Do you take any money from pots?
The prizes will be funded by the Omaha Bad Beat Jackpot pool. No extra money will be taken from any pots. Click on the table below to learn more about the Omaha Bad Beat Jackpot:

Terms and Conditions:

  1. This will promotion will run between Feb 12th and March 31st 2018 unless highlighted otherwise otherwise, at Dusk Till Dawn’s discretion.
  2. The Best Hand of the night applies to Omaha cash games only.
  3. The best hand before close of play each night will win.
  4. Close of play each night will be deemed as closing of the club each morning.
  5. Minimum Requirement is Quad Aces (AAAA)
  6. A member of the Floor Staff must verify the hand.
  7. It is the player’s responsibility to make sure the floor is called to verify the hand.
  8. Hands cannot be retrieved from the muck to recreate a hand. Once folded the hand will no longer qualify.
  9. Player must use both hole cards.
  10. A minimum of three players must be dealt into the hand.
  11. £1 towards the promotion will be deducted from every pot above £25 on £1/1 games and £40 on 2/2 and above. A pot must meet these thresholds in order for the hand to qualify.
  12. Any hand not contributing to the promotion will not be eligible to win
  13. Winners of the night be announced at the start of business each evening
  14. Players do not need to be present when the winners are announced.
  15. Winnings must be collected in person from the club within 12 months. DTD will make reasonable efforts to contact the players.
  16. In the event of a tie the prize will be split evenly amongst the winners.
  17. Dusk till Dawn will retain no part of any funds collected towards the promotion
  18. Any shortfall for prizes will be added by Dusk Till dawn on a monthly basis.
  19. Any funds collected above the prize payouts will be used for future promotions, and not retained by Dusk Till Dawn.
  20. In order to take part in any Cash Game promotion players must have a valid full membership (not on a day pass) and have photographic ID on Dusk Till Dawn system.
  21. Prizes will be rounded down to the nearest £. Any monies left over will roll over into the following week’s pool.
  22. Prizes won are final. No substitution or transfer of prizes permitted unless otherwise stated.
  23. Decisions of the Cash Game Supervisor are final and without recourse.
  24. All terms of the Omaha Bad Beat Jackpot supersede these in the event of a conflict.
  25. Dusk till Dawn reserve the right to alter this promotion at any time.
  26. Errors & Omissions excepted