The Concept


– There are no blinds
– Instead each player posts a £2 ante
– If you win the pot you win the button for the next hand
– If you win three hands in a row you receive £25 from each player at the table
– Minimum pre flop bet is £10


You can qualify for our Live Streamed Cash Games winning a £1,000 sit down. Satellites run on partypoker for $109.

Next Satellite: Every Wednesday on partypoker at 9pm – $109 – $22 feeder at 7pm*

Knock out Skalie and then go on to win the seat and we’ll boost your sit down to £2,000.. Player must play the streamed game to be entitled to the bonus.

If you win a seat you can use it for any of the upcoming streamed cash games or skalie games.

Terms & Conditions

1. Win the Button. Win the pot get the button, simple!
2. A player winning three successive pots will be deemed to be on a streak
3. While on a bonus streak the player will receive £25 of each player per winning hand until the streak ends.
4. If a player is away from the table they are liable for the bonus unless they were away from the table when a player wins their first hand of the streak.
5. 3 payments max for absent players.
6. A player is liable to pay the bonus if he takes part in any hand of the streak.
7. In the event of a split pot the last aggressor wins the button.
8. Spilt pots  do not count towards a streak.
9. A walk on the button DOES count towards a streak.
10. In multi way pot the winner of the main pot is awarded the button.
11. Table stakes play. A stacked player is not liable to pay the bonus from his pocket.
12. Players can run it twice in heads up pots and only twice. The winner of the first pot will receive the button and it DOES count towards a streak

Online Satellites

Seats won must be used for the Streamed Cash or pre-arranged Skalie games (four hours minimum stay) and must be collected in person at DTD.
Seats are non refundable and non transferable.

Skalie bounty bonus can only be claimed for the stream game and are not transferable.
Players who win a seat must sit down for the duration of the stream and cannot leave the game unless losing the starting stack.