Introducing a new innovation for satellites at Dusk Till Dawn on partypoker: DTD£££!

Good news – GBP satellites have arrived on partypoker! It means you can now win DTD£££ to spend on any tournament at ‘The Home of UK Poker’, Dusk Till Dawn.

We know how much our players wanted more flexibility when it came to satellites, and with DTD£££ you get exactly that.

There’s a variable schedule each day, giving you the chance to win between £250 and £1000 DTD£££ which gets added to your Dusk Till Dawn account. And there are many ways to spend them…
*On any tournament that takes place within the four walls of Dusk Till Dawn
*On multiple entries into DTD favourites like XXLs and Super 50s
*Or you can build your balance ready for festivals and events such as MILLIONS UK & the UK Poker Championships

Each night of the week you get the chance to add to your DTD£££ balance:



£0.10 (£0.50 rebuy)

7pm Feeder


9pm DTD £££ Satellite


(5 x £250 Gtd)



£0.25 (£1 rebuy)

7pm Feeder


9pm DTD £££ Satellite


(5 x £500 Gtd)



£0.50 (£2 rebuy)

7pm Feeder


9pm DTD £££ Satellite


(5 x £1,000 Gtd)

Not only can you spend your DTD£££ in lots of ways, it also means we can offer you different levels of feeders and satellites over the course of a week. There will also be pennyrolls running daily.

Once you’ve won your DTD£££, they’ll be transferred to your Dusk Till Dawn account ready for you to register the tournaments of your choice at the Cashier.


What are DTD£££?

DTD£££s are a new flexible currency which can be used for any tournament at Dusk Till Dawn. This means you can use DTD£££s to play anything a popular nightly comp like a Super30, the MILLIONS UK Main Event or anything in between!

How are they won?

DTD£££ satellites run on partypoker seven days a week with three different levels. You can win DTD£££ in £250, £500 or £1,000 denominations. Plus, DTD£££ can be won in Dusk Till Dawn prizepools and through a host of promotions.

What are the advantages?

DTD£££s will allow you to play satellites for Dusk Till Dawn tournaments, without being restricted to a particular event, time or day. They will allow you to earn build a bankroll and choose how you wish to spend it. There is absolutely no restriction on which tournament you can play, as long as it takes place at Dusk Till Dawn.

Can DTD£££ be used to part pay?

Yes! For example, if you won £250 + £500 in DTD£££ but wish to play a 1Day1K you can use your £750 DTD£££ and pay the £350 difference.

How long are DTD£££ valid for?

DTD£££ are valid for one year from the date they are won.

Can I transfer my credit to a friend/family member?

DTD£££ are non-transferable and non-refundable, they must be used by the seat winner at Dusk Till Dawn, Nottingham, UK

How do I check my DTD£££ balance?

To check your balance, you can call Dusk Till Dawn or speak to one of our Live Chat agents.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Standard Dusk Till Dawnpartypoker and partypokerLIVE Terms Apply.
  2. DTD£££ are non transferable and non refundable, they must be used by the seat winner at Dusk Till Dawn, Nottingham, UK.
  3. Tickets won in DTD£££ feeders are non transferable and non refundable,
  4. DTD£££ are valid for one year from the date won.
  5. We accept no responsibility for players who are unable to attend Dusk Till Dawn for any reason.
  6. DTD£££ satellites run from 25th March 2018 and will be reviewed on April 25th
  7. Prizes won will be issued as an inactive ticket in the winner’s partypoker account. This will be manually withdrawn & transferred to DTD up to 24 hours after satellite completion.
  8. Management reserve the right to cancel or amend these satellites at any time.
  9. Errors and Omissions excepted.