Want to win a Freeroll worth over £1,500 for your Facebook Group and play for a share of £3,000 too!?

The DTD Social Series gives you the chance to do just that by playing as a team for your Group!

The concept is easy, simply compete in DTD200 satellites on partypoker during August and progress through the Phases to earn chips and build a stack for the Live Final Social Series Final at Dusk Till Dawn.

  • 1,000 chips are awarded for progressing from a $2.20 DTD200 satellite.
  • 2,000 chips are awarded for progressing from an $11 DTD200 satellite.
  • 5,000 chips are awarded for winning a DTD200 seat.

Plus there will be an $11 bonus tournament each Sunday through August where you can earn chips based on your finishing position (we’ll add a $55 ticket for the winner too!)

1st – 5,000 Chips
2nd – 4,000 Chips
3rd – 3,000 Chips
4th – 2,000 Chips
5th – 1,000 Chips

The top 10 unique stacks from each Facebook Group will qualify for the Live Final at Dusk Till Dawn. *If less than 10 members sign up it will be all players.

This promotion can be played for FREE and is accessible to all UK players because you can Click & Collect free DTD200 satellite tickets daily.

To be eligible you’ll need to sign up below providing your partypoker username, real name and the Facebook Group you are representing.* Please note a minimum 5people per group applies.

The Live Final will be hosted at Dusk Till Dawn, Nottingham on Saturday September 9th.

It will offer £3,000 GTD in prize money as well as a £220 DTD200 seat added for the winner, $55 tickets for each finalist & a dedicated host.

Registration is closed.

The Winning Group Freeroll

The winning Facebook Group will earn an Online FREEROLL for their participating Social Series members which will have over £1,500 in prizes including a DTD1000 seat for the winner!

1st – DTD1000 seat (£1,100) 
2nd – £220 DTD Seats (for use in any DTD event where buy-in exceeds £50)
3rd – DTD1000 satellite ticket ($215)
4th – $55 Tournament Dollars
5th – $55 Tournament Dollars
6th – DTD1000 feeder ticket ($22)
7th – DTD1000 feeder ticket ($22)

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Terms & Conditions:

  1. This promotion is open to members of Facebook Groups that have over 300 members and were registered before July 26th
  2. This promotion is open to players who sign up and register accordingly.
  3. The qualifying period runs for all tournaments that start between 00:01 August 1st and 23:59 August 31st.
  4. All participants must provide partypoker Username, Real Name and Facebook Group via the sign up form before August 13th to participate.
  5. If a player signs up late their eligibility will not be backdated, they will earn chips from their sign up date only.
  6. Players may only represent one Facebook Group, if they attempt to submit multiple registrations their 1st choice will be taken.
  7. In the event of tied places on the leaderboard a random draw will take place to determine the live final participants.
  8. To participate in the ‘DTD Social Series Bonus Tournaments’ Players must be signed up to the promotion 24 hours before the tournament.
  9. All qualification is completed Online via the satellites, any seats/prizes won live or via other promotions do not count.
  10. The Chip Counts leaderboard will be uploaded each working day.
  11. Standard partypoker & Dusk Till Dawn Terms apply.
  12. Management decision is Final.

The Live Final:

  1. The Live Final is only open to players over the age of 18 who are not subject to any ban or self-exclusion at Dusk Till Dawn Casino in Nottingham, no refunds will be offered to any player who plays online who is banned or self-excluded from Dusk Till Dawn, or who becomes banned or self-excluded.
  2. The top 10 qualifying stacks from each Facebook Group will be in play from the start of the live final whether the player shows up or not.
  3. The £3,000 prizepool and payout will be fixed pre event with no deals permitted.
  4. No cash will be issued on the day of the Live Final, all payouts will be made into partypoker accounts.
  5. All added prizes will be issued to partypoker accounts.
  6. Prizes are non transferable and non refundable.

Winning Group Freeroll

  1. The freeroll will be open to all participating Social Series members from the winning Facebook Group.
  2. All prizes won in the freeroll will be issued to winner’s partypoker accounts and will have expiry dates.
  3. Prizes are non refundable and non transferable.