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  • Final Table a Final table an XXL tournament £5k GTE & above.
  • Each finalist is dealt a card by the dealer.
  • The player with the highest card gets to spin the partywheel.
  • Spin an ACE to win the Jackpot (which is seeded at £1,000!)
  • If the Jackpot is won everyone on that Final Table wins a prize.
  • Every time the Jackpot is not won it goes up by £100!
  • Promotion applies to DTD xxl25 £5k guaranteed tournaments.
  • For each tournament that the Final Table Jackpot applies to, when the final table is reached (final 9 for 9-max or 8-max, or final 7 for 6-max) we pause for the Final Table Jackpot spin.
  • The dealer will complete a shuffle and deal each player one card face up to determine the high card winner.
  • The high card player must then spin the partywheel, if they spin an Ace they are a winner!
  • If two players receive the same card value the first player to receive the card will spin the wheel – if this is a winning spin the prize is split.
  • No deals are permitted as part of this promotion.
  • If the tournament staff suspect any deals the prize that evening will be withdrawn.
  • Additional prizes for finalists when Jackpot is won will vary.
  • Each night the Jackpot is not won it increases by £100 which is obtained from the guaranteed prizepool.
  • If the Jackpot reaches £2,500 the win criteria on the partywheel will change to any Ace & any King.
  • Subsequently for every further £1,000 increase from £2,500 another card is added to the win criteria in card order high to low treating Ace as high.
  • In order to take part in final table jackpot promotion players must have a valid full membership (not on a day pass) and have photographic ID on Dusk Till Dawn system.
  • Prizes won are final. No substitution or transfer of prizes permitted unless otherwise stated.
  • The wheel must complete at least 2 full rotation for the prize to be valid.
  • In the event of the pointer finishing between sections the last full section entered will deem to be the winning section.
  • This promotion runs from Sunday January 29th to Sunday April 2nd
  • Management reserve the right to review and withdraw this promotion at any time.
  • Management decision is final.
  • Errors and omissions excepted.